Emergency Information

Weather and other emergencies can be a challenge for a school with families spread across a wide region. It is essential KCS is able to communicate emergency information to families efficiently. The primary tool KCS will use to inform families of an emergency is through the Newsflash on the KCS website. If parents are seeking information about school closure, adjusted schedules, or other updates related to emergencies. They should check the web site first. 

Following a posting on the KCS website, school administration will attempt to notify families using email to the family addresses on file. Each year, updating this emergency information is done through the annual registration process. Please be sure your contact information is up to date!

After sending email to the KCS families, the school may also employ the use of social media networks such as Line and Facebook to spread information. If you use these media platforms, be sure your contact information is available to the school.

KCS will utilize the Japan Meteorological Agency official web site to access current weather and other emergency information in English. 日本語 www.jma.go.jp ]

As a general rule, you can expect new information to be distributed whenever Nara Prefecture reaches a red keihou condition. A determination to close or delay school will be made using current and forecasted conditions throughout the region.