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June 2, 2017

posted Nov 22, 2013, 8:30 PM by Barend Blom   [ updated Jun 2, 2017, 1:05 AM by Bob Chadduck ]


June 2, 2017

 “”In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Colossians 2:3)


PING-PONG: Thanks to everyone who joined us at Heguri Sports Center for Ping Pong last Friday night. The intraschool “Finals” for students and staff will be Monday after lunch in the hall. Mr. Steward will provide details.



June 5: Dismissal at 12:30 for all students

June 6: Dismissal at 12:30 for Grades 1-8. Hall setup for Grades 9-12 in the afternoon

June 7: Dismissal at 12:30 for Grades 1-7. Graduation rehearsal for Grades 8-12 in the afternoon

June 8: All School Clean-up Day. (8:30-12:00/ Students should be at school by 8:15) Dismissal at 12:30


KCS All SCHOOL PHOTO: We will be taking the all school photo on Monday June 6, 2017 at 12:30. If you are a KCS current student or staff, please plan to join us after cleanup and dismissal for a quick photo. Many thanks, Mrs. Chadduck.


SPRING CLEAN-UP DAY ON THURSDAY, JUNE 8THOur school needs to be cleaned well at the end of the school year! Parents, please join us, if you can, for the Spring Clean-up Day from 8:30-12:00. Extra cleaning supplies are welcome!


PLEASE JOIN US FOR THE KCS SPRING PROGRAM AND GRADUATION CEREMONY on Friday, June 9th. Because of the late start time for the spring program and graduation, students do not have to be here so early. Students should be in their homerooms by 9:15 am, however. The spring program begins at 10:00 am followed by the graduation ceremony. Potluck will follow the graduation. Please refer to the information that was sent by the PTA.


KANSAI CHRISTIAN SCHOOL SUMMER READING PROGRAM: The KCS Summer Reading Program is rapidly approaching. Attached is the information about the Reading Program for Grade 5-12. If you purchased books last year for the summer reading program and no long need or want those books, you are encouraged to share them with other KCS students or donate them to our library.


PLEASE REMEMBER to fill out the Emergency and General Permission form (both sides) and return it by Wednesday, June 7th.


No Meal Orders next week!



Summer Reading Program Overview for Grades 5-12



June 5-6 - 2nd Semester Finals

June 8 - Spring Clean-up Day (Parents, Students and teachers)

June 9 - 2nd Semester ends/ Spring Program/ Graduation

June 12 - Summer School begins

July 6 – Summer School ends



Bible Verse of the Week- Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.




Parents are to notify the office by 8:15 a.m. on the day a student will be absent or tardy.  If a student has not arrived at school by 8:20, and we have not received a call from the parent, the homeroom teacher will call the parent to be sure of the student’s safety.

KCS requires parents to send a note with the student on the first day back at school giving the reason for the absence.  If a note is not sent at that time, the student will need to do the work missed for the day he or she was absent and but will be given zeros.

Students are allowed two personal days in a year.  Parents should contact the school in advance before the personal day. The student is responsible to complete and hand in all schoolwork or make arrangements with the teacher before the personal day.

KCS will maintain a minimum attendance requirement of 90% of the school days each quarter.  If a student does not meet his requirement, it may result in the student’s being required to attend Summer School and/or repeat the same grade the following year.

Please read the entire policy in the Parent-Student Handbook, p. 23 (for English) or p. 44 (for Japanese).






どうか、Parent-Student Handbook P.23(英語)P.44(日本語)をお読みいただき、ご理解いただきますようよろしくお願いいたします。


The Administration will decide to close the school when a red warning (Keiho) is issued for our area by the Japanese Meteorological Agency, or when snowfall is deemed to be too heavy to travel safely to school during the winter months.

- After making such a decision at around 6:00 in the morning, the school will send out a general email to all parents, informing them of the closure and will post a similar message on the school’s web site.
- The school will NOT call individual families to inform them of the closure. It is the family’s responsibility to check whether an email has been sent or check the school’s web site regarding a possible school closure.
- If the emergency closure happens while students are at school, we will send out an email too, but also follow a Board decision which states that students will stay at school until we have had a chance to contact the parents to inform them of the closure and to be advised by them on whether we can send their child home or whether they will pick up their child at school.

先日、台風による警報発令のため、休校となった際、連 絡簿とは違った家族に連絡をとったりといった、混乱を起こしたケースを学校側も深刻に取り上げ、今後このような混乱を避けるために緊急に学校が休校になっ た際の連絡のとり方の方法手順を変更することとなりました。新しい手順は以下のようになります。
・ 6月の理事会での決断の結果、生徒が学校にいる際に緊急に休校となった際にも、メールにて、お知らせするとともに、学校側から父兄の方に連絡が取れ、生徒 自身で帰宅を希望されるかもしくは、父兄の方が生徒を迎えに来ていただけるかを確認できるまでは、生徒を学校でおあずかりするということになりました。

LIST OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASES: The KCS Board has approved a list (which was emailed to all parents) that indicates which diseases parents need to report to the administration at the time their child is diagnosed with such a disease. When a child gets better, the parent must ask their child’s doctor to fill out a release form on which the doctor will indicate that the student can attend school safely again. The student cannot attend school until such a release form has been submitted to the school administration. This release form can be downloaded from our web site in the "general downloads" category.

感染病リストについて:理事会の決断に基づき、伝染、感染症の病 名リストを掲載しました。これらの病気はすべて伝染、あるいは感染力のある病気であり、お子様が、これらの病気に感染されてしまった場合、ご父兄の方が学 校にその旨を報告していただく必要があります。また、お子様が良くなられてからも、診察医師に意見書の必要事項を記入していただき、学校に提出していてい ただいてからお子さまの登校が許可されます。この医師に記入していただくKCS用意見書は2ページ目につけられてありますし、KCSホームページ上からも ダウンロードしていただけます。もしこの件に関してご質問のある方は、Mrs. Clark までお問い合わせください。本校の生徒すべてが安全な環境の中で過ごせるためにご協力とご理解をお願いいたします。

- All parents/visitors between the hours of 8:30 am to 3:15 pm have to sign in at the Executive Assistant’s office stating the purpose of their visit.
- After signing in, visitors will receive a badge to carry at all times during their visit.
- When visitors leave they need to sign out and hand back their badge at the office.

ROAD SAFETY REMINDER: The road in front of KCS has a white line on one side of the road. We ask parents and visitors to please park on the white line side of the road when they are waiting to pick up their child or coming to KCS for an appointment. Please refrain from parking on the non-lined side. Thank you for your cooperation.

KCS PARKING REMINDER: The road between KCS and the Nanto Bank becomes congested in the afternoon when parents park to pick up their children after school.  It is difficult for anyone to enter or exit from the narrow road that runs next to the KCS gate.  Please park no closer than 10 meters from the small crossing and make sure you park on the side of the road with a white line.  Thank you for your cooperation.
注意: 学校の西側に面している公道は、登下校時に 混雑することがあり、地元の方々の車の出入りが 困難になることがあります。そのため、車で迎えに来られる父兄の方々に二つの道の交差している ところの付近に車を止めず、少なくとも10メートルを空けることをお願いします。なお、白線側だけに 止めるようにお願いします。皆様のご協力を心より感謝致します。 (理事会より)

STUDENT SAFETY REMINDER: KCS advises students NOT to cross route 168 at the Nanto bank.  It is an unsafe pedestrian crossing without a traffic light. They must cross at the traffic light further down the road.

KCS DISCLAIMER: KCS does not give any student or parent permission to upload to the internet any photos/videos of any other students taken/recorded during school related events. If students or parents do upload school related multi-media material to the internet, then they take full responsibility for such action. Our advice to all students and parents is that written permission should first be obtained from the parent/legal guardian of the student whose picture/video you plan to upload to the internet. We need to respect the privacy rights of all individuals to not have material in which they appear get published without their permission in a domain that is accessible to the general public.

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