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Tuition & Fees

KCS Tuition & Fees


(Effective July 1, 2018)

NEW STUDENTS:                                                                                                                     

Application Fee:                                                                                                              ¥10,000

This fee must accompany the initial application and is non-refundable.

Diagnostic Testing Fee:                                                                                                  ¥10,000

Diagnostic testing may be required to determine admission and/or appropriate grade level placement and is non-refundable.

Entrance Fee:                                                                                                                   ¥50,000 

This fee is payable once, when first entering school.  If received after April 1, a surcharge of ¥10,000 will be added.


Registration Fee:                                                                                                             ¥50,000

This fee is to accompany the annual registration form. If received after April 1, a surcharge of ¥10,000 will be added (New students pay the Entrance Fee in lieu of Registration Fee).

Development and Improvement Fund fee:                                                                 ¥50,000

          Dedicated to property development (due in September).

Student Activity fee:                                                                                                        ¥ 9,000

Covers the cost of field trip entrance fees, driver reimbursements, Student Council, Drama Club, ice skating, camp out, and certain meals. Train fare, graduation and fundraisers are not included.

Annual Science/Technology Fee: (due in September)                                              ¥10,000

            For students in grades 7-12

Annual Tuition : (1st half due in September and 2nd half in January)                                                           

                        Grades 1-4                                                                                              ¥887,000

                        Grades 5-6                                                                                              ¥980,000

                        Grades 7-12                                                                                         ¥1,080,000 

              Tuition Reduction for Large Families:

                                    Second child: 10% reduction

                                    Third child: 20% reduction

                                    Fourth/fifth child: 50% reduction

               Note: Missionaries and pastors, please inquire about special tuition rates.


            Fourth Quarter auditing fee                                                                              ¥203,000

            Monthly payment plan fee                                                                                ¥    5,000

            Graduation fee                                                                                                    ¥  10,000

            Transcript fee (first one is free)                                                                         ¥       500

            Achievement testing (for home-schooling students)                                    ¥    5,000


Please contact KCS for fee information on taking part-time classes or after-school activities.


            All tuition and fees are subject to Japan's National Consumption Tax, currently 8%.

REFUND POLICY: All fees, except the Application and Diagnostic testing fee, are refundable up until the due date. Tuition refunds are determined at the time of dis-enrollment.