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Core Values

Kansai Christian School believes in...

The Pursuit of Excellence

  • We hold high expectations and teach the importance of effort, dedication, and quality of work.
  • We are committed to honoring God in all that we teach in word and by example. 

Quality Education

  • We believe that a truly comprehensive education integrates Christian faith and learning across all content areas and at all grade levels.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement of our school at all levels through complete program evaluation and alignment with established standards and best practices.
  • We believe that an all-English educational program based on American and international standards strongly positions our students to impact an increasingly global society. 

Caring Community

  • We rely on biblical principles as the foundation for relationships within the KCS community.
  • We value the differences of thought, experience, culture, and ability found in the KCS community.
  • We emphasize servant-hearted leadership as we work to develop character traits such as compassion, perseverance, encouragement of others, respect, and responsibility. 

Responsibility and Stewardship

  • We recognize the importance of daily instruction in, and study of, the Bible.
  • We take joy in the Great Commission and our responsibility to spread the Gospel of Christ. 
  • We commit, without reservation, our individual and collective effort as well as the resources with which we have been blessed to the service and glory of God.