The Tatsutagawa River - a 5-minute walk from campus!

Our mission:

Kansai Christian School, as a beacon of biblical Christian influence in the Japanese culture, is actively committed to our unique position of providing families with a high quality, comprehensive, Christ-centered education.

Our vision:

KCS aspires to be recognized as a member of our local community and a pillar of the Christian community in the Kansai region, leading with Biblical principles that result in:

Our philosophy:

Kansai Christian School exists to glorify God by providing an education that fosters spiritual, social, and intellectual maturity in each student. KCS recognizes that parents are ultimately responsible for the education of their children. Therefore, the school and staff function in cooperation with the Christian home. The biblical view of life, which understands God's truth to be the standard for all truth, is infused across all areas of the curriculum. The curriculum thus serves to reaffirm the biblical view of the home.

The students at KCS are able to study under Christian instruction and example in a context of high academic standards. Within this framework students are able to obtain a strong foundation from which they can fulfill their God-given callings and service to society.