Principal's Welcome

An introduction to Kansai Christian School

Thank you for your interest in Kansai Christian School.

The biblical view of life, which understands God's truth to be the standard of all truth, is the foundation upon which our curriculum is based.  The curriculum thus serves to reaffirm the biblical view of the home.Christian School (KCS) recognizes that parents are ultimately responsible for the education of their children, therefore KCS functions in cooperation with parents. 

The students at KCS are able to study under Christian instruction and example in the context of high academic standards. Within this framework, students are able to obtain a strong foundation from which they can fulfill their God-given callings and service to society.

KCS has a distinct Christian family atmosphere, quality teaching, low student-to-teacher ratio and many of the other advantages associated with smaller schools.

The academic year begins in September and runs into June. Special events are planned by the Faculty, PTA, and Student Council throughout the year. Report cards are distributed at the end of each quarter. Parent-teacher conferences are held in the fall and at other times as needed.

Please join us in praying for another great year at KCS!